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360 Virtual Reality Camera Info and Video

360 Virtual Reality Camera Info and Video

360 – Virtual reality is the talk of the town when it comes to the latest video technology. I did some hands on training over at Google and let me tell you, it is one incredible experience.

There are a variety of 360 cams and VR headsets. Some a bit costly, and some a bit more affordable such as the Rico Theta S and Google Cardboard. The camera is light and compact and can easily be placed on a lighting stand. It takes some time understanding the editing process, but once you got it, you are good to go.

I decided to create the first ever 360/VR haircut video which was a lot of fun and I will definitely be doing this regularly.

Here is a link to where you can get the cam on Amazon. http://goo.gl/WLoVQs


Here is a link to the Haircut Video:¬†World’s first 360/VR Haircut

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