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Achieve Any Justin Timberlake Hairstyle with TheSalonGuy

Achieve Any Justin Timberlake Hairstyle with TheSalonGuy

Missing the 90’s? Tidal Wave Spray will add big volume and is a great pre-styling spray. This sea salt spray will be a great way to have the natural curls come out in your hair to copy JT’s. To finish this look off, you can then apply our gel which will hold the curls and having them staying in sync with one another.

Looking for a light tousled look with your crew cut? Our Gel-Mousse is perfect for this! Typically for pre-styling, this weightless Gel Mousse will be perfect for a soft natural look.

The more sleek looking Justin Timberlake look can easily be attainable by using the Ice Styling Pomade. This Pomade is perfect for this style because it goes into hair so easily and maintains a great hold. With such shine and a cool finish, you hair will be looking even better than JT’s.

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