Former NYC Nightclub "Limelight" turned shopping market hosts Salon event for J Sisters Salon - TheSalonGuy - Stephen Marinaro - Hair Products, Hair Tutorials, YouTube Creator
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Former NYC Nightclub “Limelight” turned shopping market hosts Salon event for J Sisters Salon

Former NYC Nightclub “Limelight” turned shopping market hosts Salon event for J Sisters Salon

I had the amazing opportunity to visit a place that created some of the most memorable experiences in my life, The Limelight. I used to spend much of my time at the world famous Limelight night club in NYC back in the early 90’s and even dj’d with world famous Dj Keoki from 1992-1993 during “Disco 2000”.
It brought back such memories and was quite emotional to see what the former nightclub was transformed into. I was however happy to see that my friend and business owner “Brazilian John” opened one of the most popular Salons in NYC. They specialize in all ranges of salon/spa services and know the Brazilian straightening concepts like no other. If you are in the area and are looking for top class NYC chic service then I highly suggest paying them a visit. Here is the official release on the event.



2012 is supposed to be a big year. Better finances, bigger career moves, bolder choices, change in our environment and apparently, a rare aligning of the planets causing catastrophic tidal waves, tsunami’s and earthquakes. If we are in fact going down… let’s go down in style.

Social Exposure kicks off 2012 and welcomes whatever disaster is careening our way with a pick-me-up, feel good, Winter Glamour Party. Ladies and gents are invited to experience spa like treatments, salon touch ups, make up touch ups, baked goods, Sponsored cocktails and VIP gift bags at the famed J Sisters Salon inside the Limelight Market Place. “It’s time to pamper OURSELVES after pampering everyone else”! Says Executive Producer, Sally Golan.

The Winter Glamour Party has achieved over 300 RSVP’S and is a part of the “Social Exposure Intimate Series”, where SEM focuses more on bringing people together to talk shop in unique environments while experiencing luxurious services, products and goods that are specifically targeted to their demographic. The Winter Dinner Party, the Salon Party, The speak easy events, Day time brunch parties, poker tournaments (and more to come), will open up a new social salon for the brand and bring in new members to the SEM club.

The Winter Glamour Party will feature salon treatments by the famed J Sisters Salon (best known for Brazilian blow outs and top notch waxes), A Whiskey tasting sponsored by Kansas Clean Distilled Whiskey (a new whiskey for new whiskey drinkers), A full blown candy bar and glam inspired cocktails sponsored by Hpnotiq Harmonie, Gorgeous Jewelry designs to prep for award season by Mina D Jewelry , Glamorous makeup touch ups and mens grooming by Jennifer King, Valerie Star, and Marisa Cohen, Real Beanz Coffee ( a new, health based, energizing canned coffee drink) mixed with Voli Vodka – espresso Vanilla martinis, A glam diva photo shoot session with celebrity photographer, Alan Barry, beauty products to sample by Soy Spacasso, featured hand made bath and body products from the South African Store, Rain Africa, pure sparkling, refreshing water by Perrier.

When: Wednesday January 25th
Where: The J Sisters Salon inside the Limelight Market Place 656 6th avenue
Time: 7 pm – 11pm

Contact – Sally Golan
646 525 9791

Rain Africa
Angela Angiulu Personal Training Certificates
Sophie Blake Jewelry Designs
Voli Vodka
Soy Spacsso
J Sisters Salon
Mina D Jewelry
Alzerina Gomes Jewelry
Societe Perrier
Hypnotiq Harmonie
Jennifer King Style

Pictures credited to: Anthonino Olimpio courtesy of TheSalonGuy

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