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Layered Haircut Tutorial for Long Hair

Layered Haircut Tutorial for Long Hair

Hey, everyone! In this video, I gave my model, Erica a layered haircut. Erica had long, gorgeous hair to begin with, but it needed a little life. As she requested, I kept the length of her hair but added layers to create more bounce for a fun look. Now her hair is so voluminous and healthy, and she loves the way she looks and feels. After washing her hair, I applied my new leave in spray, 25, to detangle her hair and add shine. Her hair instantly became glossy! I started the cut by taking off a couple inches to get rid of her split ends and give myself a clean base to work with. Then I took a section from the front, as if I were to cut bangs, and cut off a few inches. I then connected the rest of the hair to the front piece length. Next, I started layering by taking chunks of hair and cutting towards the front. I made sure to blend all the layers together to create a flowing look. If you can clearly see each individual layer, it’s too choppy and done wrong. Erica’s final look was a lot more fun and lively than her plain, straight cut, as I’m sure you guys can tell. Enjoy the video!


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