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Millennium Spa-Salon Software hits the Social Network

Millennium Spa-Salon Software hits the Social Network

Millennium Harms Spa-Salon Software is making a climb in the social-networking platform. Their existent online presence was given a serious boost by working with “TheSalonGuy,” Stephen Marinaro. Millennium chose to bring in TheSalonGuy as a media sponsor for the “Be-Cause Charity Kick Off” event doing what he does best: working the red carpet. Stephen invited celebrity friends and guests such as George Ortiz, David Evangelist, and TJ Romeland. It meant so much to TheSalonGuy for them to come out and support the Beauty Changes Lives charity event, however, their support and encouragement meant even more to Stephen.
The red carpet was one of the major highlights of the evening. TheSalonGuy conducted interviews with industry celebs including but not limited to: Ted Gibson, Gayle Giacomo, Brig Van Osten, Angie Katsanevas, Philip Pelusi, George Ortiz, and TJ Romeland. The exposure and press coverage were amazing. Pictures and video footage have been spreading like wildfire. Millennium has been on top of their game and keeping up with the posts from various media outlets.
TheSalonGuy has been keeping sync with the Millennium team, who have been fantastic to work with. He caught up with John Harms and Matt Beck at the Millennium booth at IBS NYC 2011. Please enjoy:

TheSalonGuy visits the Millennium Booth at IBS NY 2011 from stephen marinaro on Vimeo.

Please enjoy these interviews with CEO and Founder of Millennium Spa-Salon Software John Harms and Salon Gratitude Owner and Paul Mitchell National Educator Matt Beck. The night before was the Be-Cause Charity Kick Off Event which was a huge success. Hear as we talk about the event and how Millennium Software can help your business grow.

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