Red Carpet Premiere for the New Salon Reality Web Series a HUGE Success! - TheSalonGuy - Stephen Marinaro - Hair Products, Hair Tutorials, YouTube Creator
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Red Carpet Premiere for the New Salon Reality Web Series a HUGE Success!

Red Carpet Premiere for the New Salon Reality Web Series a HUGE Success!

The evening of November 21st was a huge success at Chris Michael’s Steakhouse & Lounge in Woodbridge, NJ all due to the Red Carpet Premiere of the new reality web series “In the Chair”. This was Stephen Marinaro, TheSalonGuy’s, big night to launch this series and celebrate all of his success since he started TheSalonGuy brand last year.

With a guest list of over 600 people including TV celebrities such as Albie Manzo of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, Krystle Couso and Lorenzo of Jerseylicious, Maurice Aguilar of Love & Hip Hop on VH1, Limo Bob of Tru TV, and some of the biggest companies in the salon industry as sponsors such as DePasquale Companies, Emiliani Enterprises, Millennium Salon Software, Scruples, Mizutani Scissors, and many more, this event turned out to be the topic of discussion since that night.

Stephen wanted to offer his guests an experience that they will never forget the minute they walked in the door and with the help of his amazing team, people are still thanking him for how they were treated. “I pride myself on service and the experience of the guest and that was my main goal. I wanted people to remember this night for a long time and how they were treated” said TheSalonGuy. Food, cocktails, live performances and more all as a gift to the people who have shown support throughout the start of his brand. Not only was this a reason to celebrate, there was also an even stronger highlight, “In the Chair”. A new web series that features someone who has never experienced a top salon & spa experience and who has a touching story to tell all while receiving a head to toe makeover in a top salon in New Jersey. The first episode featured Donna Paradise, a domestic violence survivor who received a gunshot to the head and lived to tell the tale. This makeover changed her life and the emotions were obvious when the episode was aired. Lot’s of tears and touched hearts as they watched the story unfold of Donna and her daughter Gabby.

You can watch the full episode here . Stay tuned for episode 2 coming January 2012.

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