TheSalonGuy August 2011 Updates. - TheSalonGuy - Stephen Marinaro - Hair Products, Hair Tutorials, YouTube Creator
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TheSalonGuy August 2011 Updates.

TheSalonGuy August 2011 Updates.

TheSalonGuy August 2011 updates. from TheSalonGuy on Vimeo.

Many great things have been happening in my world and I am so very fortunate to have such great support from so many people. Thank you to everyone that has done so.
You might say that the beard and head is looking mighty smooth and tight, well thanks to Manny, Owner of American Shave in Union, NJ it is! He offers a great service for all men with any hair type or style. I was treated to an amazing service from him and American Shave is now my official groomer.
You will also notice the logos behind me. That is a backdrop made by They are an amazing company if you are looking for a red carpet for your event. I highly suggest their services.
Stay tuned for more information on my new show coming this fall called “In the Chair”.

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