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TheSalonGuy hits 80+ videos!

TheSalonGuy hits 80+ videos!

In a matter of about 7 months, I have reached 80 videos that have been produced by TheSalonGuy and my team. How have I managed to do so? Hard work, passion, dedication, no sleep, bleeding eyeballs, hustle and commitment. Things aren’t handed down to you and you have to make it happen yourself. Many times people have goals and dreams, but rely on that alone to make it happen. Find something that you LOVE to do and do it. Even if it is a part of your current career yet you have lost a small part of that passion of going into the office or your day to day job, create a spin off of what you do and turn it into your own personal work and goals.
My dreams are only beginning as I have future plans for TheSalonGuy. What I have accomplished is only the beginning. I started with a vision and goal to inspire at least one person with my motivational videos filmed in my basement on a tiny digital camera. It went from one to thousands of people seeing my now 80+ videos.

Don’t ever give up, keep your goals in sight and love what you do. You can do it by simply doing it!

Thank you and God Bless!

Stephen Marinaro

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