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TheSalonGuy SIX

TheSalonGuy SIX

Please Enjoy this new great addition to TheSalonGuy website. Every week I will be featuring SIX questions SIX answers from Industry Stylists that have something to share. I will be featuring Celebrity Stylists, Platform Artists, Creative Directors, Owners and more. Please check back weekly to see who is featured for that week!
This weeks featured Stylist is Homer Harris. Homer was the winner of my video response to serving wine in the Salon. Homer almost hit rock bottom, then picked himself back up with passion, networking and faith. Please enjoy this touching story and congrats Homer for making a come back!

1) Homer, please share with us a little bit about your background as a Stylist.
Started back in 1991. Was an educator for “National Hair Care” in the mid 90’s where I did in house training on color theory and technique. My focus has always been on cut and color and pushing the limits on what a particular color line can do or finding different ways of applying color and highlights.

2) Recently you went through some hard times and was ready to give up and move on from the Industry. What helped you get through it and comeback stronger than ever?
Yeah that was a really scary time for me financially and emotionally. What got me through it was friends I’ve met through Redken and people I’ve known for years. Took some time off and decided to regroup. So far I’ve been going to a lot of classes from other manufactures to get a sense of what people are doing. Completely changed my cutting style with the help of Phil Stone over at ReWiredHair and in terms of business knowledge Eric Charles Mokotoff and his book “The Salon Industry Business Artist” is a must read. I’m also exercising and sleeping more to bring a sense of calm and happiness back into my life. Looking back it made me a better person because things tend to work out no matter how daunting it may seem at the time. My future goal is to become and educator for a company or as an independent.

3) What advice can you give to Stylists that are having a hard time with their career and feel like they are not growing.
The best thing is go to a class and practice what you’ve learned on a mannequin that day. There is so much free or inexpensive education out there. Or take inventory of what you really want to do in this field and how to get there. A lot of people are willing to help and talk to you on how to achieve your goals. My Redken distributor has been very helpful in terms of getting me answers and providing education. Also you might be in the wrong salon and not living up to your full potential but try to think things through and not jump to hasty conclusions that can’t be undone. No one wants to see you fail and if you want it bad enough you’ll find a reasonable way to get it.

4) What inspires you?
Music, sketching, old black and white Hollywood photos from the 40’s and 50’s., reading biography’s of my favorite artists, laughing with friends and riding my motorcycle inspires me by giving me peace to enjoy life. Inspiration can be found everywhere if you open yourself up to it.

5) What would you like to see happen in our Industry that will have a positive impact.
I’d like to do away with “State Board”, train people like it’s done in Europe and have a more standardized hours in America. If I moved to California why do I have to get more hours to get a license there? We also should receive college credit in cosmetology
and make it a two year program with more focus on science and chemistry in terms of composition of hair and the chemicals that we use.

6) What is your obsession with Kermit the Frog?
Ahh you’re talking about my Facebook profile! I’m a silly guy and like to joke around. Grew up watching “Sesame Street” and “The Muppets” so Kermit reminds me of happy times when I was a kid. I try to capture that feeling of unlimited, child like imagination and focus it on creating something new that will fit a client. Yes I know it’s odd and kooky but Hair Stylist are a very unique, interesting bunch.
It’s not easy being green.

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