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TheSalonGuy’s Take on Reality TV Stylists

TheSalonGuy’s Take on Reality TV Stylists

After recently interviewing many Reality TV Celebs such as Brig Van Osten, winner of Shear Genius to Anthony Lombardi from Jerseylicious, I have come to my conclusion. They are normal, passionate hard working professionals just like the rest of us just with a ton of added pressure. They may seem to have a certain intelligence level on the TV shows they are on, or have a major attitude problem on TV, however remember that much of it is for TV ONLY. Yes some of their true personalities DO come out in real life, however one thing they all seem to have is passion for what they do. As Stylists, we are all very passionate people and shoot straight from the heart. We care, we love, we want the best for people. That’s why we do what we do!
So I say, support what these Reality Stylists do for our Industry despite whatever role they play on TV.
You heard it from TheSalonGuy

  • Louis Freda
    Posted at 09:46h, 10 September Reply

    Very well said SalonGuy. Anthony Lombardi is a perfect example because they obviously make him dumb it down on the show. After a few minutes of speaking with him you quickly understand how intelligent and hard working he really is. A means to an end is what the reality game is all about.

    • thesalonguy
      Posted at 12:16h, 10 September Reply

      Thank you so much Louis for seeing what I have to share and understanding it. Now of course Anthony is one person and there are many TV Celeb Stylists, but the ones I have talked to for the most part are all passionate and hard working to achieve their goals.
      Thanks so much for your support and comment.
      Stay tuned for WEEKLY episodes and interviews starting this Sunday!

  • Janavar 10000
    Posted at 19:08h, 23 November Reply

    Hello guy do you'r had news archives ? I liked letter improve so my dad … ..

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