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Undercut for Fine Hair

Undercut for Fine Hair

Hey, everyone! In this video, I cut and styled an undercut for my model Kyle. Kyle has finer hair, but the end result was very voluminous, as you can see! That’s all thanks to my product, Talc, which I’ll explain later. First, I faded his hair from a triple zero to a number two guard right to the disconnected area. Then, I used a number two guard on his beard and also trimmed a bit by hand, to give it a customized, personal look. Next, I parted his hair down the middle and cut everything on an angle, going shorter to longer towards to face. The hair on the top of his head ended up being about six inches. Finally, I used my products Prestyle and Talc to finalize the look. As you can tell, Talc revolutionized his hair, giving the top piece the full, healthy look it lacked before. I had a lot a fun creating this look. I know a lot of my viewers are always asking about styles for thinner hair, so I hope this video helps!



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